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Know your Head wear.

Head wear Terms

Every part of a Head wear has its purpose. Whether it's to offer comfort, provide shade or simply add aesthetic appeal, the different sections of a Head wear contribute to the wearer's overall experience. Let’s delve deeper.


The front portion of the Head wear; the area above the brim that sits on your head. It is made by sewing all the triangular panels together. There are two types of crowns – structured crown & unstructured crown.

Structured crown

This type of crown retains the shape of the cap when you remove it from your head. They have a rigid front portion due to the white buckram fabric reinforcement underneath the front panels of the cap. This is used to maintain the structure of the head wear.

Unstructured crown

The fabric does not retain its structure when you remove the cap. Unstructured caps take the shape of the wearer’s head when it is worn.


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